The Uliassi family has always looked after and enhanced its archives. Hence the desire to take care of the company’s historical archive, finding a new location for it and starting a meticulous cataloging and digitization process.

The archive boasts 260 thousand pieces, divided between fabric hangers, printed fabrics, paintings, paper sketches, scarves and pieces of clothing, both vintage and modern. Furthermore, around 390 historical drawing books are preserved in the archive spaces, some dating back to 1800. Important numbers, which also take into account recent acquisitions, those of the Jermi archive and the private archive of Giuseppe Menta, one of the favorite designers by Gianni Versace, composed of approximately 32 thousand paper sketches and approximately 10 thousand fabric hangers.

A constantly evolving treasure which, thanks to the most advanced technology, is available to the company’s customers. On the interactive digital table in the archive, equipped with the Vedo program, it is in fact possible to explore the prints already digitized and classified (around 195 thousand), and test them on a specific item of clothing, from coats to ponchos through trousers and t-shirts , to view the yield. An approach that speeds up the work carried out together with the customers who turn to Achille Pinto, making it efficient and precise.

Pierre-Louis Mascia, trained as an illustrator, comes from Toulouse in France. The brand was born in 2008, in partnership with the Uliassi brothers, combining the solid production and distribution expertise of Pinto with the creativity and continuous research of Pierre-Louis.

Unpredictable Classic expresses the identity of the brand which represents a real lifestyle proposal that includes apparel and accessories with an aesthetic that stands out for collages with a surprising visual and style expression.

Franco Ferrari, a small artisanal
jewel founded in 1973

A small but solid niche company, known for the manufacturing of scarves, stoles and shawls, which was acquired by Achille Pinto in 2002 with a solid know-how of tailoring and artisan techniques. Franco Ferrari is today Achille Pinto’s brand of creative and technical experimentation, developed by Lisa Uliassi and produced strictly in Italy with a distinctive identity that reinterprets the iconic essence of the scarf and is transformed into a collection of women’s clothing and accessories.

Alonpi is the spearhead in the cashmere and luxury home sector of Achille Pinto

A brand that expresses the passion for premium yarns and the attitude to continuous innovation that captures attention with surprising technical and artistic inventions. Designed by Alfredo Magliola and Gian Pietro Tonel, who founded the brand in Biella in 2010 with the intention of shaking up the cards of tradition. Entirely handcrafted and made in Biella, Alonpi styles are presented with sumptuous nonchalance both in blankets, throws, cushions and other accessories as well as in leisure garments with an impeccable style. The classic and natural tones of the precious fibers are the warp and weft in which design, fashion and mood meet, to reflect a refined and international lifestyle in each collection.

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