1933 Achille Pinto buys 3 second-hand looms, which he installs in his garage.

1943 Textile output has increased, with 30 looms; production moves to a warehouse in Casnate con Bernate, in the province of Como.

1944 Production is halted due to the Second World War.

1946 As weaving begins again, a dyeing and finishing department is added.

1948 Hand-printing begins with 10 printing tables.

1950 Achille Pinto opens a photoengraving department for printing screens.

1960 As well as silk, the company begins working with innovative artificial fibres such as acetate and terital, significantly increasing production.

1968 Weaving activities are relocated; the dyeing, printing and finishing departments are modernised.

1970 Japanese multinationals Mitsui and Toray buy a stake in the company.

1980 As well as fabrics for ties and scarves, the company begins producing clothing fabrics.

1990 The dawn of the ink jet era: Achille Pinto invests extensively in technology and human resources.

2002 Achille Pinto buys Franco Ferrari srl, a niche company specialising in high-end textile accessories.